School holidays 2013 in Europe

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School holidays in the Netherlands

Compilled for one of my client, CampingNavigator, below is the official listing for the Netherlands divided into regions. Please note that all schools have an extra week’s holiday which they plan themselves. In a number of Western union locations schools, the May spring holiday lasts 2 weeks in connection with the Ascension Day weekend. Other schools plan this extra week around Whitsun.

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2013 Region Primary school Secondary school
Spring holiday North and central

16/02 – 24/02


23/02 – 03/03

May holiday All regions

27/04 – 05/05

Summer holiday North 06/07 – 18/08 06/07 – 25/08
Central 20/07 – 01/09 13/07 – 01/09
South 29/06 – 11/08 29/06 – 18/08
Autumn holiday North and central

19/10 – 27/10


12/10 – 20/10

Christmas holiday All regions

21/12 – 05/01/2014

North region: Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, Overijssel, Flevoland, and North Holland
Central region: Gelderland, Utrecht and South Holland
South region: Zeeland, North-Brabant, Limburg and Gelderland

School holidays in Europe

I also provide you with a complete list of the school holidays in Europe which should further help you in your preparations for 2013 for a maximum occupancy of your accomodation during the low season.

School Holidays Europe 2013 (PDF)