Greet LocquetWorking with Carole means working with a professional and dedicated woman. She is clever and kind. Always looking for opportunities to reinforce cooperations and to achieve targeted goals. A real pleasure!

Greet Locquet
Owner, Anwb Reizen bv

Michel LeijenCarole is funny, hard working, knows what is going on in our 'French' world and very creative. She has good communication and marketing skills and knows her way around. What always amazed me is the speed with which she adapts in different countries and speaks our language. Chapeau!

Michel Leijen
Owner, Het Frankrijk Huis

Arian van der WerffCarole combines her knowledge of German, French and Dutch culture into a powerful and dedicated work approach. But above all, she is a warm personality that likes to work with other people and find creative solutions to professional challenges. Working with Carole is both inspiring and joyful.

Arian van der Werff
Business Development Manager, Transavia

Ellen van GinkelCarole is a true marketing professional who is also capable to manage and support her team. She is very creative and extremely driven. She keeps her head up even in difficult times and will support the team through thick and thin. And she is a great person to work with!

Ellen van Ginkel
Senior Press officer at KLM Royal Dutch Airline

Christine Van Der LindenCarole, is a very motivating person, she is critical but always positive. Together we have developed succesful Marketing PR campaigns to promote France as a holiday destination. Carole knows how to find and align different partners and how to get the maximum efforts out of an agency. She is very accurate and speaks different languages fluently. This makes her the ideal manager within an international organization.

Christine Van Der Linden
Owner, Linden & Barbosa PR Bureau

Michel Le RouxCarole is a very dynamic and steady manager, aimed on the final result and showing a very strong empathy for both assignment givers and customers. She is ambitious, has got a great intuition and is very loyal. It has always been a great pleasure to work with her.

Michel Le Roux
Owner, Alterego Marketing & Communication

Debbie de GrootI have worked with Carole on several Research/Marketing projects. It was great working with her because she is such a dedicated and hard-working person. She knows exactly how to empower market research in her organisation and how to translate research results into action.

Debbie de Groot
Research Consultant TNS NIPO

Dennis KetelWorking with Carole is great! Always optimistic and with good enthousiasm she encourages and inspires her team to go beyond normal expectations, like she does herself. With a fine nose for market and partnership opportunities and with good knowlegde of ICT solutions she puts marketing on a whole new level.

Dennis Ketel
Former IT-Manager at Atout France

Remco MeijerIk heb Carole leren kennen als een zeer gedreven professional die vakinhoudelijk sterk is en weet waar ze het over heeft. Haar enthousiasme werkt aanstekelijk. Ze is een echte teamspeler die een team echt beter laat presteren.

Remco Meijer
Implementation specialist, Hot ITem 

David MortonImagine a person who gets into the internet business without any knowledge. Imagine the same person who becomes after a few months a top internet skilled specialist. And imagine a person who has become a fantastic marketing specialist with many ideas and solutions. Shake all that together, add smiles, humour, salsa ... and you get Carole Goelitz. She is a very serious, efficient, pleasant and nice person. Able to find the gentleman agreement amongst tough people. If you have a lack in your company, do get Carole involved into your business or into your teams. She could be the sunshine you are looking for.

David Morton
Former Deputy Director Atout France

Laetitia Johnson“Creative, curious, Carole always makes sure she is aware of market trends and changes in the competitive landscape. She also excels at multitasking and is great at managing relationships with business partners. She makes herself available for her team and never hesitates to give a hand to her colleagues. Carole has been a model of leadership and an inspiration for me.

Laetitia Johnson
Former Marketing Coordinator, Atout France

Alicia KreijgerCarole is a great Marketing Manager. On the marketing side, Carole bubbles with ideas, she always knows what’s new, what is in and knows how to capture the trends to smartly implement them in successful projects. Nothing is too challenging for her! She is also very good at building win-win partnerships. On the manager side: Carole is a great team leader, she always does her very best to empower her team and motivate people to get the best out of them. And last but not least: she is a great fun working with.

Alicia Kreijger
Former project manager, Atout France

Elise PorcelliCarole inspires others. Leading by example, she motivates people working with her and always comes up with new ideas and solutions. As a manager, she has strong intercultural leadership skills. She adapts easily to different personalities and cultures. She leads her team very smartly by knowing and understanding people's strengths and weaknesses.

Elise Porcelli
Former Content Manager, Atout France