The Apple store of the French Lingerie, Made in Brittany

empreinte shop

‘Brands are not born powerful. They grow in time’ has been the motto behind ‘Empreinte‘ designs since 1946. How could I have missed this brand Made in Brittany? Too long in the Netherlands? Or too much under the influence of Marlies Dekkers, my favorite luxury and modern lingerie, a dutch brand, the only one I wear … till now.

Okay I was not born when Jean Le Her designed the first collection in 1946 in Brest, Brittany and where 65 years later the bras are still created. But I have familly in Brest, and nobody talk about it. So I have 2 resolutions for the next time I go to France: visit the workshops in Brest and try the new concept-store in Paris… Oh no I have a 3rd one: try the new collection of course. And another resolution if I like the collection: finding or creating some selling points in the Netherlands because till now there seem to be no shops here according to the map on the Empreinte website.

Empreinte designs and creates lingerie for women with generous bra size. And I can tell you wearing the right bra can completely change your look. Empreinte seems to use only luxury material, give the feeling a second skin and of confort. Lots of models are may be too romantic to mu taste, but some few as the Dreamcurves Collection could compete the M|D collection. I really have to try it.

But what retain also my attention is the new concept store that opened this year in the polish districs of Paris, near Place Vendôme.  A clever and perfect combination of innovation and tradition: L’Atelier Lingerie is like no other lingerie shop I know. I already loved the one of M|D in Amsterdam in the 9 straatjes district, but I think that I will be fascinated by L’Atelier.

I like the idea of the Gallery in the shop, an exhibition of all designs like in an art gallery, an avant-garde vision in the way Empreinte showcases its collection. The cabins also called salons seem also to be spacious and confortable.

And what impress me above all is the digital style coach, a designer style touch table to personalise your own lingerie set. I guess you can share it online too. If not they should make it! L’Atelier a kind of Apple store. In Brest they certainly had an eye on the other side of the Atlantic.

On the top of this you can also customise your lingerie set by adding your personal touch with extra accessoires or simply by embroidering a word, date, initial, message. Be creative ! I will be I promise :)

And because Empreinte seems to value tradition and quality, the Atelier has also his own workshop where you will be these fine ‘little hands’ giving the final touch to your set.

5 Rue de l’Eau Blanche  29200 Brest, Frankrijk
Phone: +33 (0)2 98 02 33 39
13 rue Saint Florentin 75008 Paris, Frankrijk
Phone: +33 (0) 1 42 61 71 78
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 10:30am/7pm

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