Un lit au pré
A rural retreat

My first Glamping Experience was in the Netherlands in 2005 but I didn’t know at that time that the kind of holiday I was experiencing will be called a few years later Glamping [Glamourous + Camping].
We spent 2 nights in a Betere Boerenbed, a Dutch camping concept, in which I completely falled in love. Now you can find them also in Engeland under the name Feather Down Farm Days and in France Un Lit au Pré. The principe you sleep in the countryside, in a ‘completely furnished tent’, in a small-scale farm where the farmer and their family are passionate about preserving the long-term sustainable of their/our countryside. Some of the farms are still in activity, others not any more or not that much. Some are biological farms where you can buy all fresh products to cook.

What I really appreciated in the tent that you can hire is the fact that it’s really spacious, cosy and confortable. And the decoration as well as the atmosphere remind me my childhood and bring me back good menories: lot of wood, the cupboard-bed and the bunk bed, the cooking stove and my favorite place the vintage loo that really looks like in the old days (but with more comfort, there is running water, you don’t have to empty them !)

It’s the perfect place to stay with small children, even if on that time we were dinkies living in Amsterdam and having a stressed life, so it’s also ideal to relax and take a deep breath.

Glamping in Frankrijk

As a trend watcher and former marketing manager at the French Tourist Board in Amsterdam, I decided that it was high time to position France in the Netherlands as a destination for Glamping Holiday. The Dutch are the first clients for camping in France, so a mature and perfect market to introduce this new trend. First I registered,  in 2007, the URL and we filled it with some new adresses, not an easy thing but interesting to talk with professionals in France, explaining them this new upcoming product and the opportunities for them. The offer was not as developped as now but there were enough good examples to launch on the Dutch market and get the attention of the media.

In 2010 we had also our first glamping edition made by the ANWB Media and one year later the ANWB launched a Glamping Magazine in which we inserted our brochure. Now is getting more and more common.

Glamping is getting trendy

today we go glamping at Domaine les MoulinsIn 2011, I prepared a more than 2 weekstrip to France for blogger, entrepreneur and trend setter Nalden. I remember asking him if he would also like to go glamping in France. His first reaction was not the most enthusiatic one but when I began to explain it to him, he said: “okay I’d like to try it, sounds good”. And he loved it. What I loved was the decadent picture he took: a cabrio Mercedes in front of the tent. But so true ! That’s also Glamping.  Nalden stayed at the prestigious Camping Domaine Les Moulins on Noirmoutiers.

Recently, it was reported that Justin Bieber was going ‘glamping.’ The 18-year-old millionaire admitted he is intrigued by the idea of glamorous camping as a means to explore his outdoorsy side. The star explained that, “You sleep on a bed. It’s a mattress bed! In a huge tent with TV and everything. You have electricity and stuff but you’re still in amongst the wildlife. It’s pretty cool.” More

 Glamping for everyone

Some friends of mine knowing that I love glamping often ask me for tips. I decided to write this article for them and share some adresses I know or I’d like to try. These adresses are purposed for friends  that want to try camping with no inconveniences of buidling the tent and sharing the toilets with others or just wanting to have fun with and for their children or just young couples wanting to try out something else and escape in the countryside. I will actualise these adresses so I will begin with some few today.

For my friend Elise looking for glamping adresses this week in the Ardèche and Drôme in France:

In the Ardeche:

In the Drome: