Main OTAs, Booking platforms, Discounters

Logos OTA

You will find below a non-exhaustive list of OTAs, booking platforms and discounters. There are thousands and I do not have them all listed but I will certainly update this list based on meetings, readings and your feedback is also very valuable. Detailed description is still in French, I will update it step by step.

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Made in Brittany


As some of you know I was born in Brittany. I really love this region even if I’m not that often there, not enough according to my family and friends. Anyway through posts from relatives and my visits there I always notice a large scale of creativity among its inhabitants. And I’d like to share with you some examples of new or existing brands.

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School holidays 2013 in Europe

Family on holidays
School holidays in the Netherlands

Compilled for one of my client, CampingNavigator, below is the official listing for the Netherlands divided into regions. Please note that all schools have an extra week’s holiday which they plan themselves. In a number of Western union locations schools, the May spring holiday lasts 2 weeks in connection with the Ascension Day weekend. Other schools plan this extra week around Whitsun.

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